Our Mission.

A Wynn Wynn Production, LLC is an accredited media company providing innovative creative content and production.

We service the entertainment landscape in storytelling, production, brand development, event logistics and multi-platform strategic planning. Business associates range from studios and networks to media companies and independent content creators. 

We believe in having a collaborative setting that is beneficial to all parties involved and where everyone can enjoy the process… Hence, everything we do is always a win-win situation.

Our Visionary.

Aisha Corpas Wynn

Aisha Corpas Wynn

Aisha Corpas Wynn is an Content Producer & Strategist with years experience in the entertainment industry. She has creative versatility, effective resources, and an extensive business background that makes her a sought after executive for development and production services. Aisha is known for being the Showrunner/Co-EP for HBO’s After The Thrones. She is the creator of 8 original unscripted shows that sold to TV networks.

In addition to working on over 20 shows distributed on major broadcast and cable networks, she successfully crosses over into other industry areas, such as producing digital content for Disney and The NFL, event producing the Cartoon Network Presents: Black Women Animate Bootcamp, and developing multimillion-dollar lifestyle brand Divine Living.